Friday, March 28, 2008

Top Prospects Compilation

I was about to sit down to do this this weekend but decided to do a google search first and found the best put together prospect resource I've seen. Figured I should pass it on.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Are you a potential fantasy baseball movie star?

Got this note from the Baseball HQ newsletter that I hope everyone stopping by here is already subscribed to. If not, here's the info:

Looking for one person with the fantasy savvy, obsessionand determination to
compete in TOUT WARS as part of a featurefilm fantasy baseball documentary,
inspired by Sam Walker's bookFantasyland.

In 2006, Sam Walker, of the Wall St Journal took on fantasybaseball's best of the best, competing for one season in theultimate league, Tout Wars. Sam's journey was documented in hisNew York Times best-seller, Fantasyland.

The 2008 Tout Wars season is going to be filmed as part of afeature film documentary, produced by Wonderland Sound andVision, and Sound Pictures. They are looking for one person totake over where Sam Walker left off. You will compete against theTout Wars American League experts and have your entire seasoncaptured on film.

They are looking for someone who is a veteran of fantasybaseball, is obsessed with the game and has followed Tout Wars.They are looking for someone who is interested in not justplaying by the numbers but wants to go out and talk to scouts,players and general managers to help in their decision making.

They are looking for someone between the ages of 30-50 who willbe willing to provide complete access into their life during thefantasy baseball season. There will be some travel involved,including attending spring training. You must be available forthe Tout Wars draft in New York City the weekend of March 21-23. If you are interested and available for this experience, pleaserespond to the following questions.

Please cut and paste thequestions into an email, respond and send to by January 4, 2008.

Your name
Where are you located?
How many years have you been playing fantasy baseball?
What attracted you to fantasy baseball?
How does fantasy baseball dominate your life?
Give us a sense ofthe amount of hours you spend playing, along with stories thatillustrate your obsession in action.
What was your greatest fantasy baseball trade?
What was a decision that you will haunt you forever?
What do you know about Tout Wars and what would it mean to you to be
able to compete in this league?
How does fantasy baseball affect your home life? Your work life?
Which person in Tout Wars would you be most excited to competeagainst and beat? How do you think you would do if given a chance to compete inTout?
Have you read the book Fantasyland by Sam Walker?
What did you think of the way Sam Walker played fantasy baseball(contacting players, scouts,etc)?
Please tell us about your life outside of fantasy baseball: job,relationship, etc.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ken Rosenthal's Inside Pitch

Ken Rosenthal's latest column mentions trade rumors around Troy Glaus, Mark Buehrle and Adam Dunn.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Teams wait to pull trigger on Dunn trade

Ken Rosenthal's latest column is up at Interesting notes on trade rumors around Adam Dunn, Michael Barrett, Eric Gagne and Brad Lidge.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

In Search of Power?

Jeff Ackerman at Fantistics has a nice look at some power hitters to buy low on. Take a look.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Baseball HQ Radio

If you don't have the money to subscribe to Baseball HQ or don't want to spend the money you can still access some free content from Ron Shandler and his crew via Baseball HQ Radio. I listen to the show every week and I highly recommend it to any fantasy baseball fan. I use tools that Baseball HQ recommends to evaluate players so if you like the content I post here then you will be interested in the HQ podcast as well.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tyler Yates - worthy of consideration in a NL only?

Tyler Yates looks like a reliever that could be of some help in NL only leagues. Take a look at these numbers through Friday:

Yates has shown good dominance with a 9.1 K/9, solid command and he's been keeping the ball in the park. He's been hurt a bit by a low strand rate which should correct itself over time - thus the 2.32 xERA. Yates' control is still a little bit high (3.0 or less is the benchmark) so there is a bit of a risk here. Walks have always been his biggest problem but he is making strides here this season.

Considering that Bob Wickman and Rafael Soriano have both been injury prone there could be an opportunty for saves for Yates this season. Of course, he'd likely need injuries to both pitchers at the same time to get an opportunity. For now, he's probably only worth keeping an eye on in NL only leagues though his strikeouts and potential for a few vulture wins could make him worth consideration now.